Chitra Vichitra Fair

Chhota Udaipur
September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015
Chitra Vichitra Fair is a hit event among the tribal of Gujarat. Tribal women gather at the river to mourn their dear departed ones. Countless tribal dressed in beautiful traditional costumes attends the fair. Men wear blue shirt, dhoti and red or saffron turban and the women wearing ghagharas (skirts) are covered from head to toe with exquisite silver jewelry. Every group visiting the fair carries its own drum and puts up lively dance performances. The whole atmosphere comes alive with the incessant beat of countless drums.

The Chitra Vichitra fair is a colorful celebration of the tribal culture & costumes of the Bhils. Tribal use this occasion to find their spouses. Numerous stalls in the fair display the best of rural handicraft including exquisite silver jewelry. In addition to this, breathtaking performances by the skilled jugglers add to the attraction of the fair. A visit to this fair is sure to give you a close look at the rural lifestyle of Gujarat.

Chitra Vichitra Temple, which is located at a place where Aakar, Vakar and Saraswati rivers meet.