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January 13, 2016
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September 23, 2015
Architecture of Gujarat
Architecture is perhaps only form of human endeavor, which provides an insight into man's ceaseless efforts at perfection, his attempt to express himself, his environment, his attitude towards life, his society and aesthetic sense. Literally, the whole length and breadth of Gujarat is dotted with ancient Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Muslim monuments. The architectured thoughts involved in these monuments reflect the great heritage of Gujarat arts and culture.

Modern Architecture
Today Ahmedabad witnesses many buildings, which could be termed as a few of the finest example of modern architecture. It was the architecture of repute like Le Corbusier, Charles Correa and Louis Kahn, who has greatly contributed towards modern architecture in Gujarat.
The various creations by these three architects are testimony to the fact that they have been able to express individual, social and religious traditions and values.

Le Corbusier
Le Corbusier used enough concrete and brick in these works infusing them with a tactile sense of space and a magical height. His Indian and religious building combined cosmic and archaic themes, while his domestic designs were 'on the knife-edge of presentation'.

Louis Kahn
Kahn nature works used light geometry, construction and an intense abstraction to touch a timeless dimension.

Charles Correa
The basic philosophy of Charles Correa in planning the buildings, the architect has tried to give long corridors and wide arches, which provide shades and ventilation. One of the specimen of the buildings can be seen at Gandhi Ashram designed in 1962. He has successfully expressed his philosophy combining with regional traditions. There are many buildings in Gujarat that bear the signature of these four genius, which could be witnessed from these living examples.