Sabarmati ( Gandhi ) Ashram
January 19, 2016
September 23, 2015

Situated comes in dang district ,saputara means the abode of serpents, and A snake image on the banks of river sarpangana is worshiped by the adivasis On festival like holi. The thick forest around saputara is dotted with Adivasi tribal villages and their musice and dancing is of great interest Of visitors. One can see dangi tribes surrounding saputara area in dangs District, located in the hills of sahyadri.

The main caste amont the tribals are bhil, kunbi and varli. The main Occupation of the people of dang is agriculture, the houses of dang are Made of wood and bamboo. The strips of bamoo are woven in cross shape and The mixture of dung and clay is daubed on it to make the wall. In all Interesting tribal area to vistit. They are fond of silver ornaments. Women wear bangles, nath or nose ring, necklace and pavlikha and males a Kada (armlet) or a chain. They strongly beleive in supersition and Witchcraft and invariably resort to bhuvas and bhagats whom they faithfully Follow.