Sea Port

September 23, 2015
Shamlaji Melo
September 23, 2015

Hazira port and LNG regassification terminal Introduction The royal dutch/shell group of companies (Shell) is developing an all-weather port and liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regassification terminal at Hazira - Gujarat, north-west India. The Port will be ready to import LNG by the end of Quarter 1,2004, offering a cost effective solution to the end customer of LNG importation. The development plans also include solid cargo handling facilities (both bulk and general) for use by port customers.

Technical studies indicate that conditions at Hazira allow an all-weather port to be implemented at a minimum cost while providing round-the-year operations.

Porbandar port Latitude : 21° 38'N Longitude : 69° 37'E

Introduction Porbandar is an all-weather port with direct berthing facilities. It is situated on the west coast of saurashtra facing the Arabian sea.

Commodities handled

Import: Fertilisers, Coal & LPG

Export: Oil cakes, groundnuts, HPS, Salt, cement/Clinker, Chemicals, Raw Cotton, Clay Bauxite, Huilding Materials, reefer cargo, onions and fruits.

Jafrabad port Latitude : 20° 51' 56''N Longitude : 71° 21'50'' E

Introduction Jafrabad is an all-weather direct berthing Port for small oceangoing vessels. It is situated in the Gulf of Cambay on the south west coast of Saurashtra, inside the Jafrabad Creek on the west coast of India.

Okha port Latitude : 22° 28'N Longitude : 60° 05'E

Introduction Okha is an all-weather port with direct berthing facilities. It is situated on the north-west coast of Saurashtra Peninsula, at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch on the west coast of India.

Import Mineral Oil, coal, wheat, sulphur, coke, fertiliser

Export Raw bauxite, calcium Bauxite, chemicals, salt, clinker.

Mundra port (GAPL) Latitude : 22° 44' 24'' N Longitude : 69° 47' 13'' E

Introduction Mundra Port dons a mantle of a 4000-year historical legacy of Gujarat's maritime glory. Today, Mundra once more opens up India's most natural gateway to the world.

Mundra Port is a fully commercial and professionally managed multi-purpose port making the optimum utilisation of all the resources, potential and abilities available. Its comprehensive range of maritime services are continuously enhanced to serve customers satisfactorily.

Mundra Port has practised a comprehensive and integrated development philosophy in the areas of marine structures, backup storage area, cargo handling facilities, and logistics, within the port with a single window operating system for the customer's satisfaction.

Mundra Port, the most advanced customer specialist port, is the only port in the country which offers state-of-the-art port services, including stevedoring, storage and cargo transfer (mechanised cargo handling), etc. under one umbrella.

Mandvi port Latitude : 22° 49'N Longitude : 69° 21'E

Introduction Mandvi is a fair-weather lighterage Port. It is situated on the right bank of river Rukmavati in the Gulf of Kutch. On the west coast of India.

Import Fertilisers, Building Materials, Dates, General Cargo.

Export Clay, Bentonite, Bauxite, cotton seeds, salt, oil cakes, general cargo.

Alang Ship-Breaking Yard Latitude : 21° 21'N Longitude : 72° 12'E

Introduction The ship-breaking yard at Alang is situated 50 kms from the district headquarters of Bhavnagar on the Bhavnagar-veraval coastal highway.

Equipment A total of 183 plots are being developed for ship-breaking activities 92 in alang yard and 91 in sosiya Yard. Of these, 10 plots each of 6,000 sq. mtrs. Area have been earmarked for breaking VLCCs/ ULCCs.

Commodities Handled Import of scrap vessels.

Important Features • Largest ship-breaking yard in the world. • Largest vessel beached was of 51,450 LDT. • Direct employment to about 25,000 akilled and unskilled labourers. • Indirect employment through downstream industries, viz. Re-rolling mills, foundries, oxygen plants, transporters, scarp yard, etc. Capacity to break about 4.0 million MT per annum.