September 23, 2015
Chhota Udaipur
September 23, 2015

It is an ancient fort located at the foothills of pavagadh. The town Derives its name from the champa tree or from champaraj - founder of the Town, a contemporary of king vanraj chavda of anhilwada. The entire Landscape for miles around is scattered with remains of fort walls, ruined Tombs, gardens, arches, pillars, and wells. Champaner reminds the visitor Of other such great deserted towns of india - mandu , hampi, orchha and Fatehpur sikri.

Places of interest

-Juma Masjid

Reputed as one of the most astonishing building, Juma Masjid is a revered place among the Muslims of the region. Standing on 172 pillars, this magnificent mosque has minarets rising to 100 ft. Its most attractive feature is to be found in three tiers of columns rising above the other and supporting the central dome with beautifully carved balconies between the tiers. It has five gates that are also remarkable for their architectural beauty.

-Nagina Masjid

It presents another example of the architectural excellence that reached its summits during the days of yore. Built of pure white stone and a gracious gateway. A beautifully proportioned arcade within has four columns on each side of square beneath a central dome. The mosque is visited by countless devotees from across the world.

How to reach
It is well connected by trains to all the major cities in Gujarat including Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Luxury coaches and uses are also available from Vadodara.

Best time to visit