September 23, 2015
Narayan Sarovar Abhyaran
September 23, 2015


Situated 54 kms from the city of Ahmedabad is the bird sanctuary, Nalsarovar. It is the largest bird sanctuary in Gujarat and can boast of its scenic beauty as well as its feathered inhabitants. The Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is the abode to a large species of our feathered friends. The sanctuary is visited by more than two hundred species of migratory birds in winter.

The bird population of the Park includes kingfishers, egrets, darters, storks, cormorants, jacanas, moorhens, coots, grebes, ducks, flamingo, pelicans, geese, cranes, storks, ibises, spoonbill, wading birds, swallows, fishing eagles, osprey, harriers and a host of other birds. Spend some time in a country boat on Nal Lake, which be a will be a refreshing change from the honking of cars and the blaring radios.