Shamlaji Melo
September 23, 2015
Sidi Sayiad’s Mosque in Ahmedabad
January 16, 2016


It is an ancient sacred town on the bank of the saraswati river. Siddhpur derives its name from the great ruler of Gujarat, Siddhraj Jaisingh, who Constructed a magnificent shiva temple in 12th century a.d, rudra mahalay,
At this town. For all the hindus this is the place to perform the matru Shraddh ( the ritual ceremony for maternal spirits ). Rudra mahalaya as a Magnificent shiva temple with a three storied shikhara, 1600 pillars, 12 Entrance doors, central mnadapa and porches on east, north and south and Sanctum in west. Around the temple there were 11 shrines of rudra. The Eastern door gate was adorned with beautifully carved torana, with a flight Of steps. Siddhpur is a major centre of the bohra muslims from few Centuries. About a century ago, they built very beautiful mansions in a Typical architectural style, from the wealth earn abroad. The well laid out Paved streets, service a common architectural vocabulary is a direct Outcome of the collective vision of guilds of bohra merchants.