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September 23, 2015
January 16, 2016
Gujarat has been a field of conquering races, which settled down here from time to time. From ancient times western gateway of India has been a place where lot of action, reaction and interaction between various ethnic and linguistic forces has taken place, which in turn resulted in the synthesis of many races and culture. Different races brought with them different political institutions, unique social customs, varied cultures and creeds.

The Aryans came by land, Persians, Arabs and Africans came by sea through Saurashtra ports for shelter, trade and at times, conquest. Then just before and after Chinese era, lords of Kunanas, Hunas and other tribes descended on Gujarat. The coming of these foreigners resulted in the fusion of various cultures and traditions.

The cultural diversity of Gujarat
The people of Kachha, a low and arid region with less than 15 inches of annual rainfall are hardy and endowed with a rare spirit of enterprise and a wonderful gift for business organization. The people of peninsular Saurashtra are artistic and have a wealth of romantic and devotional literature. The people of North Gujarat are simple, sober and more practical in their outlook.

In contrast, the people of Southern Gujarat are soft, pleasure loving, sophisticated and vivacious in their outlook. The population of the highlands and the borderlands is wholly tribal but hardy and simple.