Dangs Darbar

January 16, 2016
September 23, 2015
The annual Dangs Darbar Fair is held every year in the cool and pleasant climate of Ahwa. It is known as Darbar because during the time of British, Darbar of Rajas and Naiks of neighboring districts used to gather here. Today, it is reputed as one of the biggest fairs held in Gujarat and is also known as Janambadi Darbar.
Countless tribal people from the adjoining districts participate in the fair dressed in colourful traditional outfits and sounding the shehnai and beating their drums. the fair also attracts merchants from the far away districts of Nasik, Surat and West Khandesh. The major attractions of the fair include ras and garba performances, songs and dramas that give a close look at the local culture and traditions.


March / April - 28th to 1st