Trineteshwar Mahadev Fair

Tithal Beach
September 23, 2015
Udvada Beach
September 23, 2015

Popularly known as Tarnetar Fair, it is one of Gujarat's most colorful fairs in which tribal from the adjoining districts participate and experience the summits of fun and frolic. Various colorful events including dancing, singing and rural sports are held in the fair in which tribes like Koli, Bharwad, Rabari, Khant, Kanbi, Kathi, and Charan participate and display their skills.
The fair is also reputed as 'marriage mart' for the tribal youth who visit this fair to choose a suitable life partner. Tradition holds that if the girl stops to talk to one of the men, it is a sign that she has found the man of her choice.

There are exhibitions of rural handcrafted items, embroidery, a cattle show, and competitive sports. The famous ras, garba and hudo are features of the fair. The Umbrellas with intricate embroidery and mirror work are sure to catch your attention. Due to its unique character, the fair is well attended by the tourists from across the world.

Near the industial town of juangadh - Saurastra

- Time
September - 10th to 12th