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September 23, 2015

It is city of a mythological story about the great freindship between lord krishna and sudama. Porbander was the last capital of the jethwa rajputs, who ruled this area for about 1200 years -shifting capitals from ghumli, ranpur and chhaya. Present day porbander was established as a capital by rana sartanji in 1785 A.D.porbander, originally a fortified town, with high rampart walls, bastions and five gates, lost its fortification by the order of colonel lally in 1888 A.D

The city is associated with mahatma gandhi born here on 2nd october 1869. The most impressive feature of porbander is the city planning and the stone buildings with ashlar masonary and rich carving. The facades of houses on either sides of the streets, with series of windows, carved gateways using eclectic architectural language, invites tourists to experience the streetscape on foot. The series of vistas enriched by a skyline of temples and beautifull public buildings and edifices overlooking sea on marine drive puts porbander on the list of coastal heritage towns of guajrat.
Places of interest

-Kirti Mandir
To commemorate the birth of Gandhiji, a 79 feet high imposing building has been built on an otherwise Spartan lane of the city where Bapu ws born in 1869 A.D.It covers in its premises a three stoyered ancestral house of Gandhiji wherein the exact place where Putlibai, Gandhijis mother, had given birth to a child Gandhi, is marked with a Swastik.Narrow wooden staircase leads the visitors to the upper storey,in particular to Gandhijis reading room.The adjoining new building, Kirti Mandir houses a Gandhian library, a prayer hall, a nursery and a steeple decorated with episodes from Gandhijis life. Behind Kirti Mandir is Navi Khadki were Kasturba, Gandhijis wife was born.

-Bharat Mandir
The Bharat Mandir,has murals depicting great men and religious perceptors of India, a bass relief map of India and superb religious sculptures.

-Daria Rajmahal Palace
The seashore palace of the Maharanas of Porbandar ,built in majestic mix of Venetian-Gorthic,Indian and Arabesque styles, with marble fountains in courtyard,heavily ornamented arches, pillared galleries and a clock tower offering fabulous sea views, is now a B.Ed. College

-Sartanji Choro
Rana sartanji built the three-storeyed summer pavilion, sartanji choro, in rajput style as a retreat in the midst of the garden, each side representing a different seasons. the pillars with image of musicians, profusely carved foliated arches and a single dome at the top gives an idea of bygone days, when Rana Sartanji used to compose poems in Braj Bhasha, sitting under this pavilion.

-Sudama Mandir
There is no Indian, who has not heard of the legendary friendship of king and devotee - Krishna and Sudama - starting from the ashram of Sandipani Rishi and culminating at the court of lord Krishna in the city of gold, Dwarika. The story comes alive with the sight of a beautiful temple in the middle of Porbander town. In the whole of India, this is the only temple dedicated of Sudama. The maze of the platform in the campus is an interesting feature.

-Bird Sanctuary
Porbander is heaven for birds with huge flocks of flamingoes, pelicans, ducks etc. seen in the creeks.

The picturesque docks of Porbander are worth a visit to see dhows and boats being made using traditional techniques.

A pretty sea coast with white sand beaches. The Huzoor palace of the Maharanas of Porbander faces the sea. In the evenings it is frequented by residents and visitors