September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015


Palitana is a major tourist destination for those who want to witness a unique fusion of human enterprise, architectural skills, philanthropy and religious fervor. The town was an imperial Thana during the Mughal era, which grew into the capital of Palitana State of the princely Kathiawad. Today, the temple-clad summit of Shatrunjaya offers a breathtaking spectacle for the tourists and visitors alike.

The entire summit of the majestic mount shatrunjaya is crowned with about 900 temples, each rivalling the other for beauty and magnificence, Presenting an awe inspiring spectacle to devotees and visitors. The Mountain is associated with rishabhdev, the first tirthankar , also known As adinath.the summit is divided into two peaks, but the valley between has Been partly built with masonry by a wealthy jain merchant moti shah. The Entire summit is covered with temples among which the famous are those of Adinath, kumarpal, vimalshah, samprati raja and the chomukh, which is the Highest and can be distinguished from a distance. The multitude of temples , half palaces, half fortresses and made of splendid marble, with their Spires aiming the skies present a spectacle unmatched for its scale and Magnitude anywhere in india. While at top one can visit a muslim shrine of Angar pir. The pir blessing are invoked by the childless women who crave For a child.