September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015
The rulers of Poshina are descendants of the Chalukyas, who ruled much of Central India and the whole of Gujarat in the 12th century. They conquered Poshina from the Rathore Rajputs in medireview times.The village of Poshina is home to a number of artisans the tribal arrow crafters, silver, Potters, blacksimiths and the bazaar is famous for silver tribal jewerly, ORNATE sheathed daggers and terra cotta horses. Around poshina are hamlets Of the bhil and garasia tribal communities, know for their colourful Attires and artistic ornaments. The jain temple, the intricately carved Medireview shiva temple and the royal chattries ( cenotaphs ) of the rulers Of poshina are sure to leave you mesmerized.