September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015


 History of Bhavanagar
Bhavnagar was founded by bhavsinhji gohil in 1723 a.d. near the gulf of Khambhat on a carefully chosen strategic location having potential of Maritime trade. The gohil rajputs came to gujarat from marwar in 1260 a.d And had 3 capitals - sejakpur, umrala and sihor, before finally Establishing bhavnagar as their capital. Bhavnagar remained a major port For almost two centuries, trading commodities with africa, mozambique, Zannibar, singapore and the persian gulf. Present day bhavnagar owes much To the vision of the past ruler sir takhtsinhji gohil ( 1869 - 96 a.d.) in 1948 , the last princely ruler, late sir krishna kumar sinhji, handed over The administration of his state to the people's representative on the Advise of mahatma gandhi.

Places of interest

-Barton Library & Museum

Built in 19th century, it as a beautiful two Storeyed building, constructed in ashlar stone masonary, with gothic arch Windows and a sloping roof with mangalore tiles. It is one of the oldest Libraries of gujarat and also houses a museum, which exhibits are coins, Guns, weapons, wood carving, farming implements, fossils and archaeological Finds.

-Takhteshwar Temple Built in 19th century, it is located on a hill on a High plinth offering a commanding view of bhavnagar. The high shikhara Rising above the pillared rectangular mandapa makes it as important Landmark. It is made of pure marble , is a beautifull edifice with scenic Environs. .

-Gandhi Smriti

The little know fact that mahatma gandhi went to the University on bhavnagar. Established with an objective of keeping gandhian Thought alive, gandhi smriti is a living monument to gandhiji. Opened in 1955 , the institution houses a gandhiji picture gallery, khadi gramodyog Bhandar.


Bhavnagar is well known for its traditional handicrafts. The speciality includes embroidery and high quality appliqué work. You can pick up tie and dye and block-printed fabrics. A must visit is the Gandhi Smriti, where you can get traditional khadi garments and accessories.

-How to reach
Bhavnagar is approximately 760kms from Bombay and 260kms from Surat. Regualr trains ply from both these places. There are various State Transport Buses and private luxury coaches.

Bhavnagar has a coastal climate. The best time to visit is during the winter months (November to February). The summers can get rather.