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September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015

Balaram is a holy place with considerable importance as a Hindu pilgrimage. Situated in scenic forest areas, Balaram is an ideal spot for a day picnic from Ahmedabad. Among the many temples here are the Gaumukh, with a natural stream flowing from the mouth of a cow.

A river flows through the region and the mountains rise in beautiful formations on every side. Explore the famous Jessor bear sanctuary and Balaram Ambaji wildlife and spot sloth bear in natural habitat. Visit the finest clusters of Jain Temples of Taranga and the holy temple of Ambaji. The architectural excellence of the Sun Temple at Modhera is sur to leave you spellbound.

Take an excursion to Patan, which is famous across the world for its textiles and ancient monuments. And to top it all, witness the winders of tribal lifestyles. Take part in colorful fairs and festivals of Balaram and experience the summits of fun and frolic.