Takhteshwar Temple

September 23, 2015
Temple of Amba Mata ( Girnar )
January 16, 2016


The Takhteshwar Temple is located on a hillock in Bhavnagar , Gujarat. The temple construction was finished in 1893 AD and was named after Maharaja Takhatsihnji who was one of the influential rulers of Bhavnagar, and the one who had ordered the temple to be built.

Takhteshwar Temple is a delightful shrine with the three eyed Lord Shiva, who is considered to be the destroyer in the Hindu 'Holy Trinity' of the creator, preserver and destroyer, as the main deity. The temple is one of the oldest temples of the Gujarat state. A flight of white marble steps surrounded by trees and greenery lead you to the temple courtyard. The temple is completely made of white marble and even the pillars that support the roof of the temple are made of white marble. The worship room is located directly below ‘sikhara’, the pyramidal part of the roof found in almost all Hindu temples. The marble courtyard of the Takhteshwar Temple is also noteworthy, and all round the temple you can see sacred Hindu gods and symbols drawn with the hand. There is also a small statue of Nandi the bull located in the courtyard.

The Takhteshwar Temple witnesses thousands of tourists and devotees from various corners of Gujarat. Another reason for the temple gaining prominence is its pristine location. The temple allows for a panoramic view of the city of Bhavnagar all the way to the seacoast of the Gulf of Cambay.

Takhteshwar Temple is particularly crowded during Shivaratri or any other special occasion according to the Hindu calendar. Every year more than thousands of people climb to this hilly temple of Takhteshwar to pay their homage and get blessings from Lord Shiva.